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New sign-in page for CatholicWeb Email
Posted by Ryan Ross on 28 January 2014 01:01 PM

January 2014: Google is replacing its various Google Apps sign-in pages with a single, new Google Apps sign-in page. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and all other Google Apps services will now have an identical sign-in experience. When users attempt to sign in to a Google Apps service, Google will redirect them to the new sign-in page, regardless of which Google Apps service sign-in page URL they enter.

In addition to providing a streamlined and cohesive sign-in experience for all users, the new sign-in page has a menu that makes it easy to switch between Google accounts. It also has advanced bot detection and improved account hijacking protection.

  • The new sign-in page requires users to sign in with their full email address (example: (The old sign-in pages only required users to enter their username, but that convenience was offset by the complex URLs users needed to access those sign-in pages.)
  • The Stay signed in checkbox is selected by default. Users who want to sign out of Google Apps automatically when they close their browser should deselect this checkbox. Users who leave this checkbox selected when they sign in will remain signed in for two weeks or until they click the Sign out button that appears when they click their photo in the upper right corner.

See for a complete details.

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Servers Back Up!
Posted by Ryan Ross on 20 January 2014 10:23 AM
UPDATE -- The network maintenance at our hosting facility has completed, and all services are back up and running per normal.

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Editor Isn't Loading - Source Code Only Appears
Posted by Ryan Ross on 09 April 2013 03:25 PM

There is a known issue with the EZWeb SiteBuilder that does not load the visual editor in Internet Explorer 10 & 11.  Instead, you'll get just the Source code and no opion to "Use New EZEdit".  We are looking into this issue and currently there is no permanent solution.  This issue currently appears in Internet Explorer 10 only. You can check your version by going to Help -> About Internet Explorer.  Additionally, you can go to in your browser.

Symptoms: EZWeb shows Source code only, no Editor


A) Load the SiteBuilder in Compatibility View.  Do this by going to Tools, and selecting Compatibility View.

B) Use another browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (or an older version of Internet Explorer).

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